ARC Brake Lever BR-214i

  • ARC Brake Lever BR-214i

ARC Brake Lever BR-214i

  • $139.99
Model:KTM, Husqvarna, Sherco, GasGas; using Brembo Master cylinders.
year:2014 - 2021
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BR-214i (for Brembo Master Cylinder)  

All ARC Brake Levers famously fold forward when you go down (and every off roader does!) so they don't bend or break in a fall. 

Available in Unbreakable Memlon™ (45% lighter than aluminum, ridden by many of the top MX, EX, Enduro and Quad Champions), comes in Black Smooth or Coarse Texture Memlon.) 

Also available in Forged and Machined Black Anodized Aluminum. 

Pick your choice above and you'll always be able to ride to the finish line and back to your truck after a crash. 

If you DO somehow bend or break a lever, we've got a 100% guarantee, just ship the lever and $15 for a new one to come flying back to you in the mail...

ARC's 6-way adjust PowerLever

Comes with 3 FlipChips that give you 6 different power ratios. Each insert has a "divot" that specifies the distance from the lever pivot center to the centerline of the pushrod that actuates the brake.

Put the 14mm chip in , and you get the "softest" feel. Flip it so that the 19mm divot is activated, and you get the "hardest" feel. Switch to one of the other chips to custom-tune the best feel for your bike and riding conditions. 

We used to create custom "knees" for our levers for the Factory guys to get the feel they want. Now you can get the Factory adjustment at Production Prices.

Eli Tomac rode a prototype of this lever to Victory at both US-based GP's and the Monster Energy Cup at the end of the season. Can't beat that start out of the gate!

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