Kawasaki Brake Lever KX 250F BR-301

  • Kawasaki Brake Lever KX 250F BR-301

Kawasaki Brake Lever KX 250F BR-301

  • $69.99
Model:KX 250F
year:2005 - 2012
Availability: In Stock

Kawasaki Brake Lever KX 250F BR-301 (for Nissin Calipers)  

All ARC Brake Levers famously fold forward when you go down (and every off roader does!) so they don't bend or break in a fall. 

Available in Unbreakable Memlon™ (45% lighter than aluminum, ridden by many of the top MX, EX, Enduro and Quad Champions), comes in Black with Smooth or Coarse finish, and Orange or Pink in Smooth finish only.) 

Also available in Forged and Machined Black Anodized Aluminum. 

- Upgrade your braking by adding the BR-111 Ball Bearing Pivot to Smooth Lever Stroke

- - Take it to even ANOTHER level by adding the BR-112 Ball Bearing Pivot with +1mm Leverage Advantage

Pick your choice above and you'll always be able to ride to the finish line and back to your truck after a crash. 

If you DO somehow bend or break a lever, we've got a 100% guarantee, just ship the lever and $15 for a new one to come flying back to you in the mail...

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