ATV Market


New for us, Arc now offers brake levers and clutch perch assemblies for the ATV market. The same quality and performance that has won many national and world titles in motocross can now be bolted on to your favorite four wheeler. SHOP

RC-8 Front Composite

The RC-8 perch is our top of the line assembly used by all the top pro's. There is a large quick adjust for easy on the fly adjustments. The lever can be positioned for hand size and personal preference. The pivot has external bushings which results in virtually no up and down play. We also offer rebuild kits in the event that you wear out the pivot. At the attachment to the handlebars is a nylon sleeve that helps prevent damage in a crash. All ARC products have a lifetime guarantee so you will never have junk on your bike again. The perch is available with a standard aluminum lever or our unbreakable composite. SHOP

DC-8 Front

The DC-8 perch has all the functional features of the RC-8 without the high price. The difference is in the style of construction. The RC-8 is from billet aluminum and CNC machined. The DC-8 has a die cast perch part. It still retains the replaceable bushings at the pivot with available rebuild kit. The adjuster is a 1/3 turn per click as opposed to the RC-8 1/8 turn. The geometry, shape and feel are identical to the RC-8 and it too is available with the unbreakable composite lever. SHOP

KFX Brake Bike

Shown here is the Kawasaki KFX brake lever installed. The lever is supplied with a matching bolt and sleeve that almost eliminates any up and down play. It can easily be adjusted for hand size and comfort of operation. All ARC levers have the option of aluminum or composite material. SHOP

KFX Brake Top

This view highlights the ball bearing at the contact point. The stock lever has a metal "thumb" that pushes on the master cylinder piston. This is fine when clean and greased. After a while dust and grit are attracted to the lube and creates a gritty paste that wears the parts out and reduces feel/function. The ball bearing contact brake lever is designed to be run dry. No grit accumulates to reduce function and the feel is consistent. SHOP

Clamp BC-101

Another accessory is our slipper clamp. These work great on the brake side helping prevent damage in a crash. SHOP

Hotstart clamp-left

Hotstart clamps are available for the left side. If your bike needs a hotstart lever then order a perch and hotstart separately. Put the hotstart clamp on the perch and use the back clamp from the perch on the brake side. SHOP